"The Aura Glasses open the sixth chakra for spiritual vision"

Aura Book (+ Aura Glasses)

The book "Aura Glasses: You Can See Auras" takes aura viewing one step further and includes a pair of glasses for aura viewing. Twenty short chapters teach you all about seeing and interpreting the aura.

Most people who try the Aura Glasses can immediately see light around objects, plants and people. Further practise brings the ability to see aura colors, guide energies, thought forms, healing energy and past life energy. Wearing the Aura Glasses and calmly focusing attention on a subject brings one to an altered state, which enhances the ability to see energy.

Healing practitioners may find that wearing the Aura Glasses gives valuable information about the energy fields of their clients as they work with them.

In time, you will learn to see the chakras (major energy centers in the body) and their colors. "Aura Glasses: You Can See Auras" is concise and practical and makes for interesting reading and personal development.

Book title: "Aura Glasses: You Can See Auras"
(the book includes a pair of Aura Glasses)
Author: Wendy Lambert

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Notice: Although the shape of the "Aura Glasses" is quite similar to "3D-glasses", the filters used in the Aura Glasses are completely different!

"For there is only one ideal, and that is to make the Creative Energy of the Universe (called by many names) your ideal; and to make your body, your mind and your soul an active force for service to that energy and to your fellow men." - Edgar Cayce